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Physical Therapy


Dianna Wilson, Office Mgr, Shawn Antonivich, PTA, Cynthia Aldrich, PTPhysical Therapy is about improving movement and function, as well as relieving pain.  Three systems work together to make movement possible – the skeletal system, the soft tissue system, and the neurological system.  A problem in one of these systems is likely to affect the others.  The skeletal system (the bones and joints) is the basic supporting structure of the body.
Physical therapy works with both active movement (such as lifting your arm) and accessory movement (such as the slide of your shoulder blade needed before you can lift your arm).  The soft tissue system (ligaments, muscles and tendons, and fascia) stabilizes the bones and joints and allows them to move.  Any restriction in the soft tissue system, (like a yarn pull in a sweater) can affect the entire system.  The neurological system (brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves) communicates information from muscles to the brain and back again.

After an evaluation and assessment, we plan a treatment program that will help optimize your function, relieve pain and help you on your way to meet your goals.  Treatment may include modalities (such as heat, ice, ultrasound, electrical stimulation), soft tissue and joint mobilization, therapeutic exercise, and postural training.

"I am now able to live my life free of debilitating pain and can resume the daily life tasks that were
 elusive to me before. Thanks to Shawn and the caring staff at the Wholistic Wellness Center,
 I have my life back."--
L.M., Gtafton, VT

Cindy Aldrich, PT
Shawn Antonivich, PTA

Cindy and Shawn together have over 40 years of experience in the field of physical therapy.  Their area of expertise is manual therapy (hands on therapy) for low back, neck, joint pain, headaches, etc.  We also specialize in post op rehab for joint replacements, shoulder and knee surgeries, as well as rehab for injuries (sports, work-related, MVA’s).  We pride ourselves in staying current on the best methods of manual therapy through continuing education from institutes across the country (structural integration; spinal, joint and soft tissue manipulation; muscle energy techniques; craniosacral therapy; visceral manipulation; myofascial release; therapeutic exercise techniques; among others).

Dianna Wilson, Office Manager

Dianna Wilson, office goddess extraordinaire!  Dianna brings with her many years of experience in office and production management – from excavation to internationally known salsa production to wellness.  Dianna is now our office manager.  She is our first point of contact on the phone as well as at the office.  She schedules appointments, handles physical therapy billing, building management, as well as many other various and sundry duties!!

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